Customer Is the King

Customer Is the King

Understanding Our Customers

With the continuously changing of global market, competitive pricing and customer’s behavior, Sewtex Industries recognizes the need to constantly evolve on how we best serve our customers. This is done by ongoing dialogue through not only daily interactions with customers, but also with a number of structured engagement programs.

Satisfying Customer’s Aspiration

We believe every customer is unique. This is why at Sewtex Industries, we produce some of the widest range of SSP, PPC, Cotton and TXP sewing threadof various counts and sizesby equip our professional production team with proper product knowledge which is necessary to identify what is ideal to the very special you.

Managing Customer’s Satisfaction

Every practical product unit has been taken to ensure that only the best products arrive in the hands of our customers. Strongly maintained best quality and professional servicefrom product producing todistributing and customer guarantee. Seeking customer feedback and managing customer’s complaints to build up a long term excellent relationship.