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Sewtex Industries Ltd.

The Sewing Threads Factory Sewtex Industries Ltd (a sister concern of Anjuman Group) has been established in 2018 as a private company producing sewing threads for industrial purpose which is a very modern company dedicated to meeting its customers’ needs.

In our trading with thread we follow a motto contains in Company’s Quality Management System: to provide the products, service and technical support to suit the individual customer’s needs. Sewtex Industries Ltd has its own laboratory and a dye house which helps us to fill customer’s orders per sample the advantage of that is that we can quickly match the color of a thread to the sample supplied to us by the client. Our standard production consists of technical threads made of cut, continuous, core and textured for a number of various applications in a wide range of colors as well as in varied sizes of beams and numeration.

Our basic vision is to provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customer.